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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Commercial litigation and business disputes can be extremely costly, time consuming and arduous affairs. At SMB Solicitors, however, we pride ourselves on employing effective dispute resolution techniques that move clients towards the result they want to achieve. Contact us on 020350000899 to speak to a commercial litigation solicitor who can help your business.


Dispute Resolution Experts

We approach all of our cases by creating close working relationships with our clients and getting to know their business objectives and preferred working practices. This is so we can find realistic and tailored solutions to business disputes.


Our dispute resolution experts are ready to advise you on a wide variety of business disputes and commercial litigation including:


  • Breach of contract/warranty claims

  • Professional negligence claims

  • Injunctions

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Directors’ disputes

  • Partnership disputes

  • Breach of commercial agreements, leases, covenants or warranties

  • Landlord and tenant renewals and dilapidation claims

  • Construction disputes

  • Forfeiture and possession actions

  • Trespass, nuisance and adverse possessions claims

  • Boundary disputes

  • Breach of mandate claims

  • Guarantee/indemnity claims

  • Commercial fraud

  • Recovery of assets


If you need help with any of these aspects of commercial litigation or business disputes, please don’t hesitate to call SMB Solicitors on 02035000899 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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However, we won't just be there for you when things take a turn for the worse in the workplace.


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